Just a few years ago, automation solutions required a large amount of time, skill and financial commitment from companies. Today, RPA technology helps to overcome these challenges by providing a platform so that it is no longer necessary to build an automation solution from scratch. The adoption of RPA technology is accelerating aggressively and it is more accessible to companies of all sizes.

So what does that mean for humans in the workforce?

RPA is less about replacing humans in the workforce, and more about alleviating humans from mundane work. The reality is that humans are not designed for repetition - we get distracted, make mistakes and can be comparatively slow.

In our modern society, we are constantly hearing about how "busy" people are, and many of us are faced with what we consider to be an impossible workload. RPA is a tool that should be used to give back the time that is being spent on tedious tasks, improving our efficiency and allowing us to focus on the bigger picture. 

RPA is not the enemy - but an opportunity to be more focused, productive and efficient within our daily lives.