Experts say that automation technologies such as RPA (robotics process automation) could have a massive impact on our economy and hit a stifling $6.7 trillion by 2025. There is no surprise CIOS, Founders and Directors of companies such as Banking, Finance, Telecommunications are turning to RPA. This article maps out key highlights RPA has to offer such as alleviating grueling tasks, and allowing employees to concentrate on the essence and worth of their work. As an RPA recruiter, my insight and overall reflection of the technology has been positive. Of course, like anything that grows too quickly there is always reasoning to be cautious (i.e. Crumbs Bake Shop) However, RPA needs to be meticulously drawn out into the operating model to be the outline of success. Without this there will be little promise of sustainable success. The conversation that I’ve had with CEO’s and Directors of large banks and telecom companies have shared struggles of not finding certified RPA developers in their mission to scale their RPA teams.

In conclusion, although RPA is growing at a rapid pace, I believe companies are trying to focus as much on “planning and governance” to increase the efficiency of their business. RPA is designed to help automate business processes but in order to do just this as well “eliminate tedious tasks” and allow employees to focus on their work, I believe there needs to be strong emphasis on growing at a pace that will overall affect the health of a business.