Apple, Facebook, Google and Amazon - companies like this changed the landscape of the way we think about our employees and the environment they work in.  

In days of old, staff felt happy to have a company that paid them we'll and provided them security - but the shift in mindset moved towards creating an amazing work environment, office space, work life balance, fun and exciting challenges and social events etc. - this is a fantastic change that we all benefit from! 

Because of this, the rest of the world had to evolve to keep up.  It is now common place to see companies from start ups to traditional "dusty" old companies tailor their businesses to meet these needs.  But the game has moved to the next level...

Employees, particularly those new to the workforce, expect all of the above but ALSO want to feel a mission and a purpose - and the "why?" of a company - what is your mission? Why do you exist? How can you impact the world?  The market moves fast, so looking to attract and retain the best talent needs a clear indication of WHY you exist and why they should believe in you and your mission. 

Below are 7 tips to help you toward defining and demonstrating your why to your employees and the world. Enjoy!