Let's set the scene: it's a beautiful summer day outside, the sun is shining, the sky is perfectly blue without a cloud in sight... and you're sitting at your desk looking out the window wishing you were outside enjoying it. I think almost everyone can relate to this feeling. 

Although the majority of businesses inevitably experience a "seasonal slump", there are some ways to help fight this. Here at Elliott Browne, we have implemented a few of the policies outlined in the article below, and rather than a seasonal slump, we've experienced a seasonal jump.

I truly think I'm the biggest proponent to this. Ever since we implemented some of these ideas, not only has the environment and morale within the office boomed, but so has the production.

So trade in those suits and dresses for a pair of shorts and a Yankees t-shirt (yes, I'm a Yankees fan), head out early on a Friday, or even join a company softball league if you're feeling wild... and avoid that dreaded "seasonal slump"!