"What happened - the candidate said he/she is interested but just emailed saying they took another job?!"

How many of us have heard this before?... "Perhaps they weren't really interested?" Or "maybe they didn't like the salary we were offering?" - perhaps - but the likelihood is that another company has swooped in, moved fast and got them "on the hook" before you could.

So how fast do some companies really move? The nimble few - VERY fast.  Many clients have recognized the need for speed and now have a 5-7 day process from submission to offer.  "How do they do it?" I hear you shout!  

Mainly, it is down to:

- Knowing exactly what you want (required skills, nice to have's and what you are willing to compromise on)

- Making sure the entire team knows exactly what you want

- Agreeing Internal interview processes before you open the role

- Set hiring deadlines, track it - and drive it

- Gaining buy in from all stakeholders in the interview process, from CEO to Interviewer.  

- No informational interviews, provide this to the recruiter or in an up front informational package / promotional information in an email.

So, the more organized you are - the faster you can be and the quicker you can make decision.

The best companies do not always win the best talent but the FASTEST do :-)