I learn't this lesson the hard way. Obsessed with chasing money from a young age, being under the impression that money brings success put an unreasonable amount of pressure on my young mind - especially in a high stakes environment like recruitment. 

Fortunately since moving to the US, I've surrounded myself with some awesome 'advisors' in life who have helped me change my mindset completely - I came to realize that focusing on being the best I can be and working towards that is a much more impactful direction and brings with it mindfulness, empathy, gratitude and clear minded, well informed decisions. Money is the byproduct of the above and comes with success organically.

I directly imported this into the way I ran business too and no surprise the benefits have been obvious. Focusing on creating an awesome company culture to me is the foundation for any successful business, way before looking at KPI's and revenue. Once you have that figured out the rest falls into place with much less effort than purely being laser focused on $.