Under pressure to meet deadlines, hit quotas, and smash their targets, employees all over the world work away their days with very little break time in between. The long hours that are put in day in and day out to accomplish these tasks can take a big toll on anyone. With the stress and pressure that work can bring on, people tend to forget to have fun with what they do. And in the midst of all this, you also forget to stimulate your mind in other capacities besides what's related to work.

The suggestion of exercising your mind through video games poses as a resolution to this, as well as the ability to improve other attributes of your work life. 

First and foremost, it's an awesome way to fight stress in the workplace. I mean who doesn't enjoy winning a close race in Mario Kart, or scoring a touchdown with their favorite NFL team in Madden. Whatever your favorite game may be, it always puts a smile on your face when you're playing it (especially when you're winning). But besides being able to have some fun, and briefly take your mind off of work, there are other benefits to picking up the joysticks. Allowing employees to play video games during breaks could also improve the overall bonding experience for coworkers. You get the chance to interact with your team on a non work related level and compete/push each other to win - just as you would in a professional setting. Ultimately, the more engaging those relationships are the better companies are also able to retain their employees.  

Did I mention that it can also help w/ problem solving and creativity stumps?!

In the gaming world, the most obvious solutions aren't always right, so you have to challenge yourself to think of alternative ways to succeed. This can translate directly to your every day work challenges, and how you approach solving them.