I remember when I was younger I heard people say by 2020 we will have flying cars. Honestly, self- driving cars are incredibly cool concept, but how much do we know about the risks involved. This article mentions that self-driving cars will eliminate human error and distraction. However, this has proven not 100% correct, as we have seen with the self-driving uber in Tempe, Arizona. I think with self-driving cars its far from a leisurely stroll based off the fact that even if the car is automated, the car cannot reduce the inevitability of drunk drivers and flat out bad drivers.  This has made me question if self-driving cars are as valuable as we see them to be.

I believe that automated cars will change our everyday lives in certain ways, but ultimately at the end of the day will self-driving cars be safer and why? I think having a backfire like the crash in Tempe, leaves already skeptics even more confused with the impact and benefit of SDC. The concept is cool, the tech is mind-blowingly advanced, but is it as cool and advanced enough to take our hands off the wheel?