Nope, you DID NOT read that wrong. Microsoft announced they have surpassed the $100 billion revenue mark ($110 billion to be a bit more precise) for the first time ever during their 2018 fiscal year - which concluded June 30th. Which leads me to wonder, is Microsoft hitting a ceiling or just hitting their stride?

After doing some research and reading a few other articles, it is apparent that Microsoft is just hitting their stride, which is a crazy thought seeing as though they just eclipsed the $110 billion mark. According to an awesome article by, , from CNBC, it is said that Microsoft is expected to soon be worth somewhere north of $1 trillion. But what is the breakdown of where all this revenue is coming from? As expected, the Dynamics 365 platform plays a huge component in this - in the $23 billion ball park to be exact (to put into comparison, LinkedIn brought in just $5 billion).

In one of my recent articles, I discussed some of the updates that were announced to the Dynamics 365 platform, along with what was next. Now that another annual Microsoft Insight meeting has come and gone, there is a bit more clarity on what's in store. A 238 page release has been made available today on Microsoft's Dynamics 365 ERP and CRM applications - which ranges across the entire platform including Sales, Field Service, and Marketing to just name a few.

It is clearly an incredibly promising time for Microsoft and the Dynamics 365 platform, but they are continually improving and announcing new and exciting features and improvements. Which leads me to my conclusion... $1 trillion a reality or just a pipe dream??

What do you think??