In the modern business, there is a rapid requirement for productivity. It’s no longer good enough to only release software faster than our competitors, everything has to be faster, and this includes getting sales people onboarded and producing ASAP. 

Extensive classroom-style training programs, trips to other offices and shadowing other sales people for weeks is antiquated and no longer belongs. However, a new approach can be found when we look at how software development has evolved, and that is in Agile. 🙏

The initial key to success here is establishing and setting fundamental milestones. Every part of the sales process can be defined over a set period and timeframes can be determined for each of these / also prioritized.

Sales Managers can then build out the competencies on each milestone required and focus on implementing that in these sprints. Week 2's milestone could be prospecting a potential client - make that the focus. There’s no need to talk customer success, that can come later.

Rather than information overload and giving an entire overview of the sales operation in week one, this style spreads the accountability over "sprints". Ensure the accountability is on the sales person to continuously learn/develop and on the business to react quickly to change and make improvements on each milestone.

The are a plethora of benefits to this approach in sales onboarding: quicker productivity, more opportunity for feedback/learning and a faster career progression for employees are some highlights.