Do you remember your first job, specifically your first day? All of the new sights and faces that you walked into? Personally for me I felt like a rabbit walking into a lions den. What I soon found out about walking into the lions den is that if you are going to survive, you need to make friends with the lions. Being the new guy/girl at the company is always scary, but the most important thing to know is there will always be people at your company that want to see you succeed. 

Its been reported by the Washington Post that a full-time employee spends about 50 hours a week in the office. Of course its okay to be scared at first to be the "new guy", but building relationships in the office is one of the best ways to succeed. Not only will you learn from people that have been there for years, but you won't dread the fact that you have to spend time with people you are seeing more than your family. 

Being friends with your co-workers not only makes the transition to your new job easier, but it also makes coming into work more enjoyable. So next time your team wants to go out after work or for that celebratory drink on Friday take them up on that offer, I promise you wont regret it :-)