Having self-confidence in the workplace is always essential, no matter what type of role you play in your company. To me, having confidence in yourself roots from the collision of preparation and relentless effort. The relentless effort part is pretty self-explanatory, but in terms of preparation, there are many different layers to peel back.

To prepare themselves in the workplace, people go to the extents of learning from training manuals, books, and articles, etc. Although those are very resourceful methods of educational growth, I’ve always been a believer that you learn the most from the people you work with, and the interaction you have at ALL levels.

When coming into Elliott Browne, I had the liberty to learn directly from the leaders who brought this company to what is today. Listening to them on the phone, their conversations, and most importantly their approaches to finding success, have molded me to become the person I am. Although the statement “you have to beat the best to be the best” is very true, I think it’s more important to learn from the everyone on your way there.

Just how I started at EB, a good place is always to learn from your leaders; but it’s not the only place. There have been numerous times where I have learned from those that have been in the business for a lesser time than me as well. Anything as simple as an email or sales pitch, to a client relationship/management, all the way down to contract or salary negotiations, there’s always something for you to absorb and apply to what you do daily. Taking those successful traits from each person that you work with, no matter how simple or complex, and applying it, translates to the success that you and your colleagues will find; inevitably, the success your company finds. So, whether you’re listening in on a call w/ your CEO, or working on an email w/ a Jr. Consultant, pay the same amount of attention, as you never know what you will be able to pick up!