As a Tech Head-Hunter who lives and works in NY I find this statement rather controversial; in the article it states that the reason New Yorker's are "good with that" is because "New York provides a contrast to Silicon Valley, which has been criticized for tunnel vision, being insular, out of touch with the rest of the country". 

What would be so wrong with having a NY Silicon Valley in the biggest city in the country as well as a thriving finance sector; "why not have it all"?? 

The number of New York tech jobs has grown 30 percent in the last 10 years, twice the rate of overall economic growth in the city, according to a study from Tech:NYC, which advocates for the local industry. Last year, New York startups raised $11.5 billion in venture capital, quadrupling the $2.6 billion raised in 2012, according to PWC. That puts the city second only to the entire Bay Area, and ahead of Silicon Valley if the gigantic startups based in San Francisco proper like Uber and Airbnb are stripped out

"Shan-Lyn Ma"