If you've ever been lucky enough to participate in an Olympic event, or any other competition you know how hard it can be signing in with so many other people doing the same exact thing. Lucky for the athletes in the 2020 Olympic games, through the power of A.I., NEC may have found a solution to this problem. The Olympic organizers have teamed up with NEC to add facial recognition for all athletes to sign in during the 2020 games. 

For those of you that don't know NEC that well, they are a Japanese IT and networking company that work with facial recognition technology. The program used by NEC for its facial recognition is called NeoFace, which uses A.I. technology to analyze faces in live stream and search for matches within its database. The program has previously been used for identifying and convicting criminals, but both NEC and the Olympic organizers believe that using this technology will the best way to speed up the identification process at the games. 

Before the program can be implemented, the 300,000 + athletes, press and staff that are expected to attend must submit photos of themselves to put into NeoFace's database. Although NeoFace is there to reduce wait time for athletes, one of the main reasons its being added is for athlete safety. With the games being held in extreme heat, the health of athletes could be in jeopardy if they are forced to wait outside for long periods of time. 

Since the games are scheduled for Japan's hottest and most humid months, the implementation of this facial recognition couldn't have come at a better time. With the games being only a year and a half away its nice to know that with the power of A.I., not only will it be able to make the lives of athletes easier but also keep them safe.