"Time is money"... everyone knows the age-old saying. 

Time and money have gone hand in hand for decades, and if you're wasting time, you're essentially wasting money. Managers everywhere preach to use your time wisely while you're in the office, but it's apparent that some are overlooking one major component of this... what about the time when you're on your way to the office?

In New York, the average one-way commute is just under 36 minutes, equating to north of 70 minutes each day. Want to hear an even crazier stat? The average Los Angeles commuter spends just under 105 hours each year in traffic. Think about all of that time wasted, time you'll never get back. Think about everything else that can be accomplished during that time... the possibilities are endless.

Being in the recruitment industry, I see different requirements for different clients and positions everyday. In my opinion, requiring technology professionals to be onsite everyday limits the talent pool of candidates that may be qualified for your particular position. So why not broaden the search and get the best candidate in the market, rather than just the best candidate in the area?

Don't get me wrong, there are definitely jobs where being in the office almost everyday is inevitable, but when working remote is a possibility, why waste the time? With the numerous significant advancements in technology, we are headed in the direction of an almost entirely virtual environment anyway... so why not get a head start on this?

What do you think???