After many years of working for a very established and well know recruitment company, Elliott Browne International, it's been part of our company ethos to always represent EB's brand and reputation with the highest of standards in the industry. Looking back, I can proudly say this has only gone from good to great over the years, and will only continue to get better.

Like I mentioned in the subject line, "Why the name on the back is just as important as the front", how many recruiters and sales consultant's allow their clients and candidates to forget who they actually are? 

This came to my mind and truly "hit home" after speaking to numerous clients and candidates this week. After asking who they are working with at the other company, they could not remember the person's name but only the company they worked for. To say the least, I found this pretty sad; so maintaining the reputation for your company's name is very important let's not forget to really to make sure that the "name on the back" is just as important as the front" 

I welcome your thoughts as ever........