Brain-Computer Interfaces are changing the way we tackle neurological diseases and trauma. Advances in tech are channeling a more futuristic vibe with BCI, where artificial intelligence could reestablish and bring back experiences we feared in neurological diseases.

Essentially, with a blend between BCI and AI, coders will be able to control neural activates in say one’s hand and ultimately be able to regulate the hands movement and communication that comes with it. Dissecting BCI and its capabilities in the near feature can drive and improve patients who suffer from immobile injuries such as strokes and spinal cord injuries.

Thought this small snit bit was powerful, captivating, and revolutionary because we often talk about being controlled by tech in a negative way. However, this bit doesn’t capture the negativity attached to tech controlling us- rather it promotes the positive side of when tech can navigate through a patient’s body and the beneficial effect it can have.