After reading this article which is titled "Jeff Bezos Banned PowerPoint in Meetings. His Replacement Is Brilliant" it got me thinking of the training we put in place here at Elliott Browne of how important it is to actually fully understand what our clients firstly specialize in and then getting to know the actual "story" behind the business and people that work there before presenting it to our candidates.

It would be interesting to know how many candidates in the market are merely just presented the job description without the recruiter actually explaining the reason why WE are working with the client and what makes us want to represent them. As a recruiter who loves to tell a good story,  I've found the best relationship with candidates and clients is to find out their story also, which only builds a solid foundation in getting to know one another, way before the details of the job or their work experience.

You should be too; stories inform, illuminate, and inspire!

"Neuroscientists have found emotion is the fastest path to the brain. In other words, if you want your ideas to spread, story is the single best vehicle we have to transfer that idea to another person".