For recruiters, one of the hardest things to do everyday is to connect with people they have never met before. Building a relationship over the phone isn't as easy as many people make it seem. Finding common interests with a 35 year old Data Scientist from England is going to be very hard for a 22 year old grad fresh out of college. However, during my time as a recruiter, one of the best ways I've found to connect with people and help me out during the work day is through the power of music. For those of you who are still skeptical, check out how music can make your relationships with candidates stronger: 

Its A Universal Language 

As mentioned, everyone is able to connect through music. When you're able to connect with someone over a band or a song, no matter of their background, you have already found a mutual connection to start off your relationship; one that you will be able to speak about for hours. 

Helps you focus 

It is scientifically proven that music increases brain functioning. So next time you're at your desk, put on those head phones and set up those candidate calls. 

Will stop you from being so forgetful  

I bet everyone is able to remember the lyrics to their favorite songs without even having the beat playing in the background. Next time you have a client meeting you need to set up, play that song soft in the background. The next time you hear it, I promise you wont forget about that big meeting. 

Brings you up when your feeling down

For those of you who have ever had a big deal drop, and are feeling down put those headphones on. If you wanna get back on your feet after that dropped deal, play a happy song it get you right back on your feet :-)    

So next time you speak to a candidate ask them who their favorite band is. Although it may be strange at first, asking that one question could be the start of a relationship you never expected.