Nowadays, almost every company likes to say they have a work hard, play hard environment. The real question is, does your company actually have one?

There are numerous ways that companies can reward their employees for the hard work they put in. Whether it is attending a Happy Hour, an office Karaoke Night, going to a Professional Sports Game, or even an Office Olympics - there are numerous ways to get people out of the office once and a while and do some team building events - and get a chance to know each other a bit outside the office as well. Also, (especially in a sales environment) who doesn't like a little competition?!?!

Last week, Elliott Browne's NYC office, a few people from our Detroit office, and our High Performance coach from the UK, Jean-Pierre De Villiers (AKA JP), took our talents to Central Park to have a little fun in the sun and participated in an Office Olympics. After the Olympics, we then attended a rooftop venue to enjoy a few celebratory beverages - responsibly of course. Not only was this fun and a change of pace, but it was an outstanding team building event which included a ton of laughs.... and gave certain people (not going to name any names) some bragging rights. The office has been buzzing since this. 

This leads me to my conclusion, what are your thoughts on office outings and what are some examples of what your company is doing to practice a work hard, play hard environment??