One of the premier Artificial Intelligence healthcare companies declared this morning that they would invest $100 million to its AI- powered platform to develop a broader understanding of they could manage chronic diseases such as diabetes and depression. Typically, the AI at Babylon Healthcare interacts with the patient through their smartphone app but instead there will be of a human touch in the sense where the app with perform a health assessment as well as a personalized treatment plan.

I believe a company like Babylon Healthcare is truly revolutionizing the way we look at healthcare as well as technology. A $100 million investment into managing chronic diseases- diseases that people are truly battling with is the definition of utilizing and creating smart tech to benefit people in need. The numbers show for themselves of people living independently with these diseases and because they are ashamed, or the bill is more than the pain they are experiencing. By creating this platform to give virtually everyone a hope for a better future, it will ultimately allow everyone to go through a disease with support and a plan they deserve.