It is pretty apparent that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the future. With all of the major technological advances - especially within the AI space - we've seen the past decade or so, I believe it raises the question... is the future here??

With Microsoft's annual Ignite and Envision meetings just around the corner (taking place next week in Orlando, FL), it was announced a few days ago that Microsoft is bringing and integrating AI capabilities directly into their Dynamics 365 platform. It will bring AI to a trio of applications, those being: Dynamics 365 AI for Sales, Dynamics 365 AI for Customer Service, Dynamics 365 AI for Market Insights. Although Salesforce (Microsoft's biggest competitor in this field) has been doing something similar for 2 years now, it's apparent that this is their "rebuttal". This synchronizes perfectly with the next Dynamics 365 release that is set to take place in October. Let's see how they stack up moving forward.

Not only is AI being added to Dynamics 365, but to Microsoft's HoloLens as well - which is their virtual reality headset. To me, this is very exciting and brings limitless possibilities.

Lastly, this leads me to wonder... what else is going to be announced during next week's meetings and is there a limit to where AI can take Microsoft's products?? What does everyone think?