Most of us working in the tech field worry about how AI will replace our jobs, and ultimately create an obsolete casket for our careers… But the World Economic Forum (WEF) thinks differently. In fact, they think that in the middle of the next decade machines, robots and algorithms will double the number of jobs for the GLOBAL ECONOMY. HOW!? 

In a previous article, there was a comparison made between AI and the Industrial Revolution… Again there is another similarity that may turns heads to the shocking commonalities. During the time of the Industrial Revolution, new innovations were put into place that eliminated work process but in exchange created new ways of working.

Although, I sympathize with the workers that will become obsolete- there is a high probability they will be put back on the road map to do something similar as to what they might have been doing-  just with different parameters and regulations. I think comparing this Digital Age we’re in to previous economic history is paramount when understanding the dips and dives of what’s yet to surface- because the truth is no prediction or analysis is proof but its always more promising to think in the positive. Artificial Intelligence food for thought?