After the many training sessions with my team on reviewing resume's on what to look out for with regard "buzz words" and "red flags" and general quality of content, it got me thinking that as recruitment consultant's should we really need to be sending them to our clients??

The article from Forbes quite strongly agree's that "resumes remain the one tool that enables employers to quickly compare and contrast multiple candidates and zero in on prime ones, especially when it comes to business positions"

I agree somewhat with this statement but shouldn't we as professional recruitment consultant's be the only ones screening resume's and not our clients? Many of our best relationships with clients are now at the stage where our verbal presentation of our candidates are detailed enough that our clients trust our screening process, which in turn saves the busy hiring manager sifting through sometimes 2-3 pages of content. 

Our most successful placements of candidates have always come from when one of our EB consultants has built a great "Rapport" with his candidate and made the candidates whole interview process a professional but exciting experience, because as everyone knows job searching can be quite laborious; but we here at EB genuinely enjoy really getting to know each and every person we  get the opportunity to converse with and ultimately finding them a life changing career move....!

As ever I welcome your thoughts.