Playing football at the high school, collegiate, and NFL levels taught me a lot about the importance of preparation. Besides the pure aggression and physicality of football that you must prepare for, there is also an intellectual aspect you have to posses in order to excel; that's the playbook/studying film, and knowing what your assignment is every play. It's easy to go out and hit everyone in front of you, but that really wouldn't get anything accomplished besides a lot of hurt bodies. 

If you don't know your assignment, you're not able to execute at full speed, because there will be hesitation in what you do, as a result of uncertainty of what your assignment is. 

On a much less physical level, I think this applies directly to recruitment, in a lot of different fashions. From a candidate perspective, you could be working with some of the best companies in the world, and some of the best positions in the world, but if it does not meet your candidate's requirements, then it's essentially a waste of time, no matter how awesome the company/position is. From a client perspective, you can have some of the best talent in the market working with you but it doesn't matter if they can't meet client specifications. How this translates to football is that you can have the strongest and fastest players on the field, but if they don't know their assignments/ aren't able to read defenses/ offenses then they won't be successful. 

A playbook fine tunes football teams, and allows them to reach full potential/ maximum productivity - this acts the same as a "qualification" call in recruitment! 

During a "qualification" call you're able to fully understand exactly what your clients and candidates are/ are not looking for. This is a time where a recruiter like myself digs deep, and asks the tough questions: 

  • Is the candidate open to relocating? 
  • Are they only looking to work remotely? 
  • Is there flexibility from the client to work remote or do they need someone who is visible in the office? 
  • Is there required travel? 
  • What are salary requirements?
  • What is the culture of the team? (team bonding, collaborative atmosphere, etc.) 
  • Back fill position or is the client looking to scale the team out?
  • Tech Stack?  

Just how a playbook/watching film benefits your team to understand what plays they can/ can't run, and what schemes are most successful against their opponent; a qualification call puts you in the best position to succeed and do right by both your clients and candidates!