How many times have you heard someone talking about how their team at work is so close that it's like a family? Not sure about you, but I've heard this numerous times and at a high level, it sounds like an entirely positive thing.

After thinking about this a bit more in depth (especially after reading this article) it lead me to realize that being a "family" is not entirely a successful recipe. Obviously there's a time and place for everything, and being a close knit group is a prime example, but it lead me to thinking... YOU CAN CHOOSE YOUR TEAM, BUT YOU CAN'T CHOOSE YOUR FAMILY!! If you think of your team too much as a family, it's almost impossible to cut ties with a weak link that may be hurting the team. Teams are always attempting to improve and better themselves, which is the separation of team and family.

If you think about it in relation to sports, if your team had the chance to get the best player in the league as opposed to staying with someone who is under-performing, but been with the team for a long time... what's the logical thing to do? That was rhetorical!

I'm curious, what is everyone's take on this??