Yesterday, I participated in the 20th Annual John Byrne Memorial Golf Outing. John Byrne was a family friend who passed away from cancer in 1998, and although it was only the second time I have participated in the event, this one held a little bit more "weight" to me. 

My company, Elliott Browne International, teamed up with Foundation Medicine (a molecular information company focused around cancer research, who is dedicated to the transformation in cancer care) to donate toward and sponsor two holes at the outing. 

FMI and EB have worked very closely together since early 2017 and have since formed a strategic partnership. Personally, I couldn't value the partnership we have formed any more than I do. Getting the chance to work with a company that is dedicated to finding a cure for cancer is a great feeling seeing as though unfortunately almost everyone has been directly impacted by cancer one way or another. 

Walking up to the tee boxes of holes 1 and 4 yesterday and seeing the FMI & EB logos on the signs put a smile to my face knowing we were truly making a difference!

That being said, not a lot can be agreed upon in the world nowadays, but I truly think this is something everyone can agree upon... CANCER SUCKS!!! I'm glad Elliott Browne got the chance to team up with Foundation Medicine to do our part in Teaming UP to Take DOWN Cancer! #TeamUpToTakeDownCancer