With Artificial Intelligence making its way into more workplaces daily, some Universities are helping their students get ready for the real world in a whole new way. Rather than some old fashioned extra curricular activities, schools are adding social robots into their courses to prepare students for the working world. 

IT Sligo is one of the first University to participate in this social experiment and so far teachers have been able to notice strong reactions from students. Dr. Perry Share, a senior lecture at IT Sligo, noted that students have no interest in working with robots in the future, however they know that it is inevitable. 

The transition from University to the real world has always been difficult for students no matter who you are, but with the working world changing as rapidly as it is that transition has become even harder. 

Only time will tell if this experiment will actually be beneficial for graduating students, however all students and teachers can do at this point is hope these social robots don't cause to much of a distraction in class.