Emotional Intelligence was something I had never heard about until I started recruiting. As all recruiters know, your emotions can play a big part on how your day plays out. It may be a deal falling through or a problem with your home life; the way you handle the highs and lows at work and life can really play a part in your success. 

As someone who has let my emotions get the best of me before, I can say firsthand keeping your emotions in check will keep you on the path to success. The best recruiters make sure that no matter how bad their day is going they don't let it affect them in the long run. When you are able to channel your emotions and use it to connect with candidates, you're able to form a relationship that can last a lifetime. 

Forbes came out with an article speaking about the people skills needed to succeed, below are a few of the skills from the list:

"The ability to relate to others" - when you are able to connect with people, whether it be though experience or personality, you are able to gain trust and build relationships that can last you years.

"Genuine interest in others" - people aren't dumb, they can tell if you are truly interested in their lives and learning about them. Candidates get calls from recruiters all the time, try and differentiate yourself from others and learn more about them, ask what they like to do or even what their family is like. When you go that extra mile it shows that you truly care about them as a person and not just a candidate. 

"Knowing how and when to show empathy" - when you are able to look through other peoples' eyes and see what their aspirations are, it really shows you who this person is. You always want to put yourself in your candidates shoes and try to connect with them as much as possible through mutual dreams and experiences. 

Emotions will always play a big part of your life as a recruiter, the question is how will you handle them? For recruiters, talking to people is our job and something that all of us find quite easy. The thing that differentiates the good from the bad is the way you connect with the people you speak to. If you're someone that can channel your emotions to help you connect with candidates, there's no telling how great of a recruiter you can actually be.