Although it was a good run, Microsoft recently announced that Skype Classic (AKA, Skype 7) is going to finally be "killed" starting November 1st. Microsoft decided that the software is now outdated, and will be considered legacy software. So what does this mean for Skype Classic users...?

The answer to that one is pretty simple, update or be updated. Microsoft will be "killing" Skype Classic in waves, meaning not everyone will have to upgrade to Skype 8 immediately, but should because you'll be updated within the coming weeks either way.

It seems as though the feedback has not been the best so far and people are upset about this. But, what's the reasoning for this?? Apparently there are numerous things from Skype Classic that are not being carried over to Skype 8, which obviously upsets users that are comfortable with what they have been doing for years. Personally, I am not one for change at first, but easily adapt and get used to things like this (i.e when Apple updates their software/UI on the iPhone, etc.) after a few days and realize how much better the new things are.

That being said, it may take a few days but I truly think people will adapt and end up forgetting what Skype Classic even was. 

What's everyone take on this? Will Skype Classic be missed or is it a thing of the past??