Elliott Browne continue to work closely with UiPath, assisting them to hire world-class engineers to develop the best RPA product in the market. As the global leader in RPA, UiPath continue to astound the business and technology world with their innovations. This week UiPath announced their 2018.3 release – and it’s big!! 

Driven by customer feedback, the new release the world’s first RPA marketplace integrated into an enterprise RPA platform. UiPath GO! is a marketplace that hosts “reusable automation components, a brand new Studio architecture and continued innovation in the extensibility, security, and performance of the core Platform”. This enables UiPath customers a more efficient experience by providing access to reusable components, solutions for lines of business and AI assets that can be discovered, shared and consumed at a fast pace.

Here are some of the key new functions that highlight UiPath are on a journey towards taking their technology to the ultimate scale:

Enhanced Sharing & Re-usability:

Although previous releases have allowed users to share components with their teams, Go! allows automation components to be easily shared with anyone. This focus on re-usability is designed to accelerate automation development and customers return on investment.

Work with your robots:

New custom input forms enable you to dynamically interact with your automations by inputting data in real time, whilst your automation is running. Furthermore, UiPath have created a function allowing you too schedule “time off” for your robots - giving them a break during the holidays, weekends, or whenever you need time to catch up!


In addition to robots being easier to command, they can now be connected to any computer. This provides the ability to for employees to log on to any machine and access their automations.

If this is any indication, I look forward to seeing what they have install for us next...