Last week, I was honored to represent Elliott Browne International at the Women Future 2018 Conference, where I discussed the growth of Artificial Intelligence and the implications for women in business. As my fellow panelist Gwen Murphy explained so eloquently, “In the next few years, we expect extraordinary disruption to the job market and social changes as a result of emerging technology, the largest segment impacted and displaced will be professions held by women.”

We are currently in the midst of what is often being referred to as a “technical revolution” and we face the impending reality of 2 billion jobs disappearing by 2030. The desire to get more done and simplify our lives has led to automation, robots, AI, and an abundance of apps that are changing how we live and work. Unfortunately, jobs that have traditionally had higher proportions of women, such as roles office and administration, are most at risk of disappearing due to this changing landscape.

With such high losses expected, it's understandable why so many people are terrified of the future of work. But in between the panic, it also presents an opportunity. With an estimated 40% of the US workforce expected to be entrepreneurs by 2020, the shift to a more entrepreneurial workforce bodes well for women being forced out of traditional business roles as a result of automation.

This shift was evident when I looked across the room last week and was left feeling inspired to see hundreds of ambitious, business leaders looking back at me. It appeared to me, that these women were not intimidated by the challenges that lay ahead of their careers or their companies; they had come to learn how to capitalize on the opportunities that technology creates.

Although I was invited to the conference as a topic expert, I left feeling empowered by the amazing women that I had met.