Emotional Intelligence is a key concept in self development. It sounds self explanatory, but what does it really mean? and what does it look like in a work place?

Emotional Intelligence is, by definition, "The capacity to be aware of, control, and express one's emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically."

But what does it LOOK like?

That's what is truly important. How can we use it to not only be better people, but better leaders in our company?

Elliott Browne and the entire SourceChain company welcomes and utilizes the talents of Jean- Pierre De Villers, a life coach dedicated to teaching and understanding other's needs, giving advise, motivation, and influence to "level up" in life. 

If you have ever heard of JP, you know how fantastic he is to work with! If not, follow him on Instagram: @jean_pierre_de_villiers - see the inspiration for yourself!

We had the pleasure of spending two days this week with JP and we received insight on what a leader truly is, someone who positively influences others to become leaders. 

We can be better leaders in many ways! We can accomplish this physically with our body language and tone, emotionally with our confidence and trust; as well as psychologically with teaching and honesty or spiritually with our gratitude and inner peace. 

This is just a tiny tid bit of this philosophy, and all the qualities listed are things we can do to become better people and positively impact others. Truly there are so many ways we can measure leadership and set goals to do better in our lives and influence others to do the same in theirs. 

Within an office, emotional intelligence can be seen in the encouragement you receive from your coworkers, a listening ear to your frustrations, a simple smile and hello in the hallway, collaboration on a solution, or just contributing to positive energy in the office space! 

An office environment that welcomes who you are, cherishes it by making you and each other feel appreciated, and an office that helps you grow by having access to life coaches, therapists, or understanding bosses that will listen to everyone is one where you're going to truly flourish at becoming the best version of yourself. 

Offices with hostile or toxic energy, microaggressions, filled with office gossip, little reward or praise, and no one to turn to for help is not one that is going to help you in life in growth or happiness, no matter how big the pay check is. 

At Elliott Browne, everyone I work with has a sense of emotional intelligence - and the fantastic part about intelligence is you can always learn more!!! Together we support that learning process. 

For our clients, we do the same, by truly connecting to your goals and career preferences and matching them with companies that have great company cultures. 

When you see information about company culture, let that be a flag in your mind, look at the description, get to know how that company presents itself, because that is the potential garden you will plant yourself in for some time, and you will either grow or wilt. 

I hope this gave you better insight on emotional intelligence and why it is so important to not only our own lives, but for everyone in our lives. Knowledge is indeed power, and this type of knowledge is key to becoming who you want to be. 

So who do you want to be? and how are you going to achieve it? How are you going to make a positive impact in this world? Those questions are ones for you to answer.