If I asked a group of people what they thought was the most valuable US company... I think it's safe to say the majority would answer either Apple, Amazon, or Google. As of the other day, that answer would have been correct. But the real question is, who is now in the top spot??

As of last Friday, the answer is actually Microsoft. Microsoft became the most valuable US company with $753.3 billion in market capitalization, overtaking Apple for the first time since 2010. This is obviously big news for Microsoft, and everyone associated with the growing tech-giant.

But what can be attributed to Microsoft taking the top spot? It is a combination of lower-than-expected iPhone sales + Microsoft's growing Azure Cloud, gaming, and Surface laptop portfolio. 

It seems like this is just the beginning for Microsoft and an extremely exciting time which leads me to wonder... what is next and is there a limit to what Microsoft can accomplish??