The 52nd annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is being held this year from January 8-11th. For those that don't know, the CES show is a convention that introduces the hottest new products and technologies that will be on the market this year. With two days already in the books, Arlo Technologies has already made a strong case for the best home security system of 2019. 

Arlo introduced multiple products at CES, however the biggest product was the Arlo Ultra Security Camera.The Arlo Ultra Security Camera is not like any other home security product on the market right now. The device provides a 180-degree panoramic view as well as color night vision so you are able to see everything in sight and not focused on one area. This state of the art camera is wire-free and has a built in spotlight to shine on any on coming intruders that may be in site. Some other perks that Arlo added were: two-way audio, noise-canceling microphone (if needed) and 4K HDR video footage. 

With the smart home security market being so competitive with companies like Ring and Nest Cam, Arlo seems to have put them selves above the rest with the unveiling of the Ultra. The Ultra is available for purchase later this month for $400 and will also include a year long subscription to Arlo Smart Premier.