Our demand for instant gratification pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in the hyper interconnected world we reside in today, and data is at the center of it all. The journey to Cloud-Native is inevitable and organizations have been undertaking Digital Transformations for years now; so much so that if you haven’t at least thought about doing so within your company, you’re probably falling behind. From my experience in enabling organizations to scale their Digital practices with top-notch Engineering talent, I'm curious to hear your thoughts on five key points I feel are crucial when making the move (in no particular order):

  • Customer-Centric: Your customers should always be at the center of the purpose, strategy and road-map to achieving a successful Digital Transformation.
  • Digital Platform: Build your own VS. outsource? Either way, keep your objectives tailored towards this key avenue.
  • Quality Data: As is the case with Artificial Intelligence and Data Science initiatives, quality data at the center of your decision-making is crucial.
  • Enterprise-Wide Effort: Technology and Business must unite!
  • Culture Shift: Have a set plan (reason behind the shift, goals and values) that is clearly communicated to the team to enable the shift to become more Agile.