At EB we set out some extra curricular monthly goals which are shared across the team in the hope of inspiring each other and ourselves to grow perennially in some shape or form. This month I decided to finally commit to setting aside daily time to meditate having had some positive experiences in the past few months.

Ive found that after meditating I am clear minded, (similar to the feeling after exercising) the stress of a tough day is less of a weight and more of an experience and that I feel calmer/relaxed -  for me thats enough of a reason to practice every day.

In a high pressure environment like recruitment (and any sales role) there are ecstatic highs and crippling lows, sometimes all happening in the same day. I recently reflected on my decade of experience and think back to the angst I'd felt in the "tough times" and that I never really had an outlet to influence a change in that mindset readily available to me (or so I thought).

It's hard for me to guide in this short blog on how to start, and there is a utopia of information on youtube and google to help you start. However, what I will say is that balance is a great thing and as time goes on more and more people are revealing meditation has played a critical role in their success, sanity and peace of mind.

My advice is to try it, it may feel peculiar, it may feel different to your usual process but it's free, its somewhat easy and if Prince Harry does it, its cool, no?