Every company says they want to hire the best talent in the industry... but the real question is, what are they doing to make this dream a reality

Just like anything else, things are constantly changing and adapting to the times. In this day and age where employees are willing to make a change for the next best thing out there, it makes it even more imperative to ensure the way a company recruits, hires, on-boards, and most importantly retains talent is as close to seamless as possible.

It's past the point of the "traditional" recruitment model of "throwing" a ton of resumes at your client and just hoping some of them stick. We are in an age where things are forever-changing and adapting, and creating a modern approach (like the one DXC Technology and EB have established) will be the difference between being good, and being great!

Some of the steps that are being implemented are attached below:

  • Begin by understanding and imagining what the End Goal is
  • Ask the right questions so you get the basics right
  • Create a concierge-like, "white glove" approach to hiring
  • Take it one step at a time
  • Test, Measure, Learn... then Adapt
  • Understand making an offer is not the "finish line"

DXC & EB have formed an outstanding and successful partnership so far, but it is just the beginning and the sky is truly the limit!