Cloud security concepts are important in today’s technological era and are synonymous with the security practices of most organizations. Increased reliance on cloud services have caused cloud providers to outdo each other in their security approaches in a bid of attracting the highest consumer confidence in their products. As such, the cloud security approaches may differ from one cloud provider to another. Azure is one such cloud with a unique security approach and the below pointers show why any company should choose Azure cloud.

Azure cloud platform security practices 

            Microsoft has developed Azure Security Center, which is a unified system for managing infrastructural security. This allows you to strengthen the security postures of your data centers, on-premise infrastructure, and provide an advanced protection of all hybrid workloads within the cloud. Additionally, Azure provides customers with security tools for hardening their networks, services. You can use the tools to adopt the best security practices across all your machines, cloud applications, and data services.

            Also, you can count on Azure security center to manage and enforce security policies according to how you define them. The security policies comprise of access privileges such as least privilege access and data movement policies. It further ensures that the Azure virtual machines, PaaS services and Azure and non-Azure servers are compliant with the existing security standards and regulations.

Features of Azure security center

            The Microsoft Azure security center allows an organization to tailor its own security policies and manage them to suit their needs. This provides you with the flexibility of managing security procedures. You can also define security policies based on subscriptions, whole tenants, or on management groups. The security center further allows easier mitigation of security alerts as it has a secure score associated with every recommended solution. The secure score provides you with an understanding of the importance of each recommendation in improving the overall cloud security. You can indeed use Azure cloud security to configure recommended controls thus optimizing security. 

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