Moving abroad isn’t for everyone. It can chew you up and spit you out – however it can also push you and bring out a side of you that you never knew existed.

Truth is, majority of people who live here aren’t from here (not so much New York but yes from other parts of the US), and this helps a lot with when you’re feeling homesick and feel like you’re alone in that situation.

My first few weeks here were TOUGH! Finding a place to live with no US credit whilst having family calling upset and asking me to come home often made me question if I had made the right decision… However, I knew had I have given in, it would have been for the completely wrong reasons! My team are truly amazing and the journey the business is going on is so exciting I’d have been a fool to.

Moving abroad and completely stepping away from my “safety blanket/comfort zone” has given me the ability and autonomy to grow, to face situations with a fresh and whole new mindset and also to develop my career in ways I didn’t imagine or believe I could.

So why is this relevant to recruitment? Sometimes we live life in what I call a “stale relationship”, we’re happy but we’re comfortable, we know things could be better but we’re too familiar and scared things may not be what we hoped so it’s easier to just sit tight and hope for the best... WRONG.  

Being specific to NYC, I found I was hit immediately with such a diverse population of different cultures and ethnicities from all walks of life which in turn has broadened my horizons and made me ultimately a hell of a lot more socially aware, which has been extremely influential to my recruitment career here in the US.

Do you want to be the person at a dinner party who has a story to tell? Or would you rather be the person who gets forgotten?