Candidates are like flowers; they need to be tended to promptly and supported throughout their interview and growth process. In this day and age, a bad candidate experience spreads as fast as funny cat memes, so evaluating your hiring processes through a marketing lens can make a huge difference to your brand and help you attract better candidates. Additionally, it allows organizations to become more proactive about the talent personas they are targeting. 

In plain, recruitment marketing gives companies the ability to personalize the content and communication that people receive at the “pre-applicant” stage. This becomes extremely important as candidates aren’t just applying to a company anymore, they’re applying to a brand. They look for the intangibles a company has to offer; a home with a sense of purpose and community. So, if the way people view companies is changing, then recruiters’ processes should change too. Our job, as recruiters, now becomes to emphasize the key words candidates want to hear, the parts of a company that are most important to them, such as the company mission and atmosphere. This step becomes significantly easier when recruitment marketing is at work. 

There are many reasons to employ recruitment marketing in your organization. It can provide a better candidate experience, strengthen employer branding, lower hiring costs and increase diversity. Bennett Sung, Head of Marketing at Allyo, however, perfectly articulates the number one benefit recruitment marketing has to offer in an article with UndercoverRecruiter: “Simply, organizations investing in recruitment marketing establish long-standing relationships across the worker’s life cycle and earn top of mind awareness with prospects when they are thinking about a career change.” 

While recruitment marketing is an effective strategy, it doesn’t just happen overnight. There has to be deeper thinking into the positioning of the employer brand: What is your company’s mission statement, for example? Is it well articulated on the website and across other networking platforms and job boards? Are the values spread through Instagram, Twitter, etc. in line with said mission? If not, keep working.

The first thing to consider is that your relationship with a candidate doesn’t begin when they click apply, it begins the second they have their first interaction with your company. Do the values portrayed match those of the candidate? Were the reviews promising? In an interview with the Founder and CEO of SmashFly Technologies, Mike Hennessy captures the essence of recruitment marketing as he discusses how companies are recruiting top candidates even before they begin their job search:

 “Recruitment marketing is every tactic—including content marketing, e-mail nurturing, social recruiting, mobile recruiting, the careers site, SEO [search engine optimization], employee referrals, talent networks, job marketing, employer branding, recruiting events, recruiting analytics and candidate relationship management (CRM)—that talent acquisition team members use to promote their employer brand message so that they can more successfully find, attract, engage and nurture leads and ultimately convert them into applicants. Organizations that employ recruitment marketing techniques can generate three times more leads, 10 percent greater revenue and a 100 percent higher close rate.” 

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend you read the rest that Mike Hennessy has to say, as it may be time for your company to start taking advantage of all recruitment marketing has to offer.