As a technical recruiter, a common conversation I have with individuals in the tech field is around how active or passive they are in looking for a new opportunity. Obviously, it makes my job easier when someone expresses they’re actively looking or enjoy hearing about new opportunities. However, for those who delete every recruiter message, InMail, or don’t browse from time to time on job boards like GeektasticHIRING, this is for you.

When a candidate tells me they are “not on the market” or “not interested in any opportunities” I always let them know that in fact, a good amount of my candidates I place are not actively looking. I recently came across some facts and figures to support my claim from ZoomInfo.

Passive candidates outperform active talent by 9% which may not seem like much, but does show that loyal talent, is indeed talented. My theory on this is since you’ve been at the same company for so long, you’ve been able to grow in your niche or explore other skill sets within the same company.

Why you should change it up? Well, a plant can only grow so large in its current pot. If it overgrows in that same pot, the plant is now limited and will begin to wilt. If you’ve been in your company for a while and have an inkling that you’ve grown substantially, maybe it’s time to move into a different pot to grow and flourish to a new heightened potential once again!

I go over 3 key things into detail with candidates who aren’t actively looking. That would be compensation, skill sets/interests, and opportunity for growth.

  • 45% of candidates move jobs due to a higher compensation
  • 37% move due to better skills and interests fit
  • 37% move due to more growth opportunities.

These are key factors I talk about with passive candidates since many times when I ask, “what could be better for you?”, chances are, the answer has to do with these.

Overall, to those passive candidates, I understand you’d like to stay in your current job. However with my clients, especially Cognizant Digital Engineering, they provide fantastic compensation and benefits packages, hyper-niche cloud native opportunities with plenty of space to grow.

One of our candidates, Jerry Balderas, interviewed by Calvin Eich, who placed Jerry in Cognizant Digital Engineering in Fall 2018 says the best part about working at Cognizant is: “The mix between our tech stack and culture. It’s one thing to develop cutting-edge, marketable skills, but without an environment that encourages learning, teaching, and having fun, there’s a hard limit to career growth. Here, we enjoy the best of both worlds. Great technologies and great people.”

(if you’d like to read the rest of Jerry’s personal insights on what it’s like working within Cognizant’s Digital Labs you can find it here:

 Cognizant’s Digital Labs began in Irving, TX and are now in Boston, Plano, and Charlotte, with plans to open up more labs in the US this year.  So if you’re a passive candidate, just keep an eye out, inquire about what’s out there, browse GeektasticHIRING if you’re not ready for a chat, but personal and professional growth come from new opportunities! So keep those peepers open and ears to the ground! 

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